The Hiring of Occupy Protestors

It has been clear to many that strange sights are available to the observant at new occupation sites.  The typical formula is as follows.  The first day of camp is met with a strange mix of supporters.  They include:

  • Graduate students, who are often working with established non-profit organizations
  • A professional looking tech team with fancy tents, generators, computers, interesting masks and/or signs with headless suits.  Presumably, they are Anonymous.
  • Security Guards, often with blue arm bands guarding the grad students and tech team.
  • A prominent anarchist.  Usually a prolific writer.
  • Anarchist kids.  Squatters, drifters, what have you.  They show up either day one or two.
  • The houseless (homeless)

There are many accounts of this around the internet. There are also plenty of records indicating why this motley crew may have come together. The fact is that extreme liberal groups, such as The Working Famlies Party, are hiring what they call “Community Organizers” to initiate the groundwork and infrastructure.  The positions are temporary and range from six to eighteen months. They are using their existing networks, we will elaborate, and posting ads on Craigslist. Some examples of their ads are below. Notice how fancy they get by the time Portland needed staff. Now that’s…  industrious… ?!

So that explains where the grad students with experience in activism came from.  There are many more ads floating around – go ahead give it a search.  Try “community organizer” in your local city. Lately though, they are getting smarter by varying up their titles and copy.  In the early stages the ads were identical but with different email addresses and logos. Some of the organizations behind this are: Working Families, Jobs with Justice, SEIU, and The Alliance for Global Justice. They have been planning this. Occupy Wall Street is NOT a spontaneous movement. This is not a case of the masses coming together on their own. In future transmissions we will analyze these groups and their players.

Supporting articles:
[ edit: added one day following original post. fox news reported former ACORN employees are involved. We do not trust fox news. That aside, it’s a very similar story ]……



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