More on Cindy Milstein


Cindy Milstein, Anarchist

Many people are interested in Cindy Milstein and why she is involved.  The following transmissions were sent to us since our first article on Cindy was posted.  Several new contributors are focusing on Cindy and other radical occupy hijackers around the globe.  The first transmission is hard to verify. If anyone connects more dots, please let us know.

1. Is Cindy Milstein part of the 1% Milstein famliy? Howard Milstein and the Milstein family are extremely wealthy lefties. Since Cindy doesn’t publicly share her background it’s hard to tell if there is any relation. The only known connections are through the OccupyWallStreet relationship to New York Private Bank and Trust, which is also connected to Howard Milstein as shown in the chart below.  The Milstein family and Cindy may have attended some of the same dedication events in the recent past

Howard Milstein is a rare breed among the CEOs targeted by Occupy Wall Street: He’s a billionaire(*) and a Democrat.

One of the targets of protesters’ “Millionaire March” earlier this month, Milstein leads a family enterprise founded on real estate and banking. He was a bundler for Barack Obama in 2008, a major donor to Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010 and a member of Cuomo’s transition team.

More on Howard Milstein

Howard Milstein - Muckety map

Howard Milstein - Muckety map


2. Here is a great read about how all hell broke loose on the occupy philly facebook page.  Many blamed Cindy Milstein, but as usual she refrained from commenting. Instead a group of followers came to her rescue from the internet-beef. More on this incident


3. Why are notable anarchists, like Cindy Milstein, at nearly every occupy site around the US and abroad? It seems that David Graeber, who was an early participation in NYC, realized there was some kind of need for the principles of anarchy. He then tapped his social network to initiate a process that put prominent anarchist anti-leaders in day one occupy meetings as they sprung up around the country. There have also been reports of arranged bus trips for anarchist youngsters who were showing up to new cities and participating in voting.  One theory is that this is how certain decisions were made that favor the eventual anarchy objectives.  These objectives include causing clashes with police.  More on David Graebers early involvement


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