Anarchy Solves Nothing

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ANARCHY - Symbol - Circle A

ANARCHY - Symbol - Circle A

First off, a message from our forces at OPK. We have regrouped and recuperated. The response to powder keg has been like nothing we had ever dreamed. Most of the feedback has been in defense or defiance of, our sweetheart, Cindy Milstein. What a gem. Thanks for all of the great research, the dots are really starting to connect her with Lisa Fithian, David Graeber, and others. To those we didn’t thank in person, thank you for all of your support!  If you are curious about how your efforts are paying off, scroll down to the next “Break Break”


It should be noted that the following piece was written without considering that what we are dealing with in occupy is a special breed of anarchists. Other anarchists have stated since this post that what we are experiencing is not REAL anarchy. One of them suggested we change the title to ‘Fake Anarchy Solves Nothing‘ – which two of us like, but has yet to be agreed upon by our group. I also wonder who gets to define fake vs real.  No one thinks they are fake, right?

This brand of anarchy which is, or has been, in practice at occupy locations globally generally pushes communist and socialist ideals. They are the ones that are so adamant about the violence. A more accurate term may be anarcho-syndicalist.



We have known that communism and socialism are part of their rehtoric. If you notice the background of this site contains a symbol which combines all three political symbols into one. That said, they also refer to themselves as anarchists. That is why we used the term as we did during our first draft of this post. To hear what some real/pure anarchists are saying, check out this conversation on facebook.


Our focus has been put squarely on the anarchists that have been trying to hijack several occupy locations.  We have established that they were quick to the draw, and implemented their process early. Then they distributed like-minded followers around the country to occupy OUR cities. Clearly this is a co-opt, but it is happening organically – a favorite aspect of anarchy we might add – which makes for a pretty incredible display in our opinions.

Drama has been pretty high around the country as anarchists have been getting found out and kicked out. It’s pretty easy to identify them. They are usually from out of town. They also have the tendency to talk about resistance, riots and insurrection. Even in cities that want to work with their occupations. That’s an important distinction. Allow us to explain.  We will start by outlining the implementation of anarchy as seen at many occupations.  Then we will get into why, and why it solves nothing.


Occupy Anarchism

  • Most of the words and phrases used to describe the groups and the demonstration itself are pulled from anarchist ideology. We know this is because of their early leaching of the movement.
  • People that are not native to the city will just show up. Usually by way of mega bus or greyhound. Some are not smart enough to hide the fact that they are not from around there. Here’s a video, that should give you an idea. Skip to 7:10 in the video. We think it’s okay to have visitors, but its just a sign of their presence
  • Many of the drifters do exactly that. They are in and gone before you notice, but they are also present and voting in the general assembly. A clever tactic in our opinions.
  • Others are closer to the core group of anti-leaders. They tend to stick around. Some of them actually live in that city and are usually hosting a flop house for all of their visitors. These people try their best to infiltrate all of the “working groups” on any given site. Most importantly, they are the core members of the Facilitation Group, in some cities, which is supposed to be neutral.
  • They are serious about the process of direct democracy. By the way, here’s why direct democracy is flawed. It also clearly doesn’t work within occupations either. Never-the-less they stand by it and will discourage any deviation. The chanting of the people’s mic is reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 brainwashing. In a word, creepy.
  • They leverage the homeless to mask other initiatives. We find this to be particularly disgusting and manipulative. This can be hard to identify, but when it becomes clear, it is simply revolting.
  • This part is strange about the occupation grade anarchism. Autonomy – another favorite aspect of anarchy –  is lost within the process. Anarchists claim that the general assembly, and the decisions made within, must be followed. What happened to the absence of hierarchies?
  • They tend to set up situations that will lead to the city cracking down on the movement.  This is demonstrated through what they say, the propaganda they distribute, how they vote, and the proposals that they raise. It is also evident in the actions they organize. Success to them is when marches end in arrests. Most of the kids under 30 just follow the tactics and haven’t even taken the time to understand their strategy. Apathy works in many unfortunate ways.
  • They also tend to brag about it on their media websites and anarchist organization websites when people are arrested. The leaders never get arrested. They are cowards and have followers for that. The leaders, like Cindy Milstein, will make an urgent claim for a media badge so they “won’t be arrested”. Then instead of shooting video, they get on the megaphone and get creepy-weird-idealistic to the crowd. Instigating. Fortunately, the crazy talk is evident to many with their eyes open.
  • Then, once they have instigated, slanted the story, and boasted their accomplishments, the occupation pays for their bail through OUR donations. We agree with donations being used for bail when the police set out to arrest some occupiers that day. When activists set out to create arrests, we think bailing them out makes a mockery of our movement.
Why Do They Do this??
  • Simply put, their number one goal is to burn the whole system down. They don’t want change. They want to abolish everything.
  • They cannot achieve that without every citizen losing faith in our government and rising up in violent protest.
  • In order to initiate that, they must use the small group of people currently participating as their cannon fodder. So they campaign and stack votes to push their agendas. Pushing conflict with police, instigating higher arrest numbers, and pointing the finger at cops. They use words like “brutal”.

Some anarchists. Whoop dee doo

This will never work. The anarchists are holding unreasonable ideas sacred and if they don’t figure it out through these occupations, they likely never will. The form of anarchy in play at occupy is old-timey and antiquated. They are out of touch with reality in the most literal way possible. What they don’t understand is that people have evolved to the point where anarchy and direct democracy are no longer effective. We are too numerous. We are too diverse. We are too civilized.

We need you to have some foresight, anarchists. Pure anarchy is something that most people don’t want to live. We would have to live in squaller and natural selection would be the only form of progression. People we love would be killed. The majority of the 99% want to evolve, not devolve.

Many people in the real world will never be turned on by violence and many have things to do. Responsibilities. We can’t all squat in train cars. Some people need jobs and have close family and want to be good people too. Much of the people in our society have goals and are working toward them, and the goals are not to tear everything down. We want change. Not the Obama type of change, but actual changes that benefit the little guys. The regular Joes and Janes. The logical people know how to work within the system to get this change to happen. We know how to work within the system because we had to learn. In order to survive, we learned. Yes, maybe it was unpleasant to learn the system, but we had to and NOW WE CAN USE THAT KNOWLEDGE. This is the way to turn people on.
Don't Spread Anarchy

Even graffiti wars can be logical.

We suppose that if you don’t want to work or do anything with your life you can drift around, eat free food, beg for change at stoplights, be a professional voter for general assemblies and you can really add any load of bullshit on the end of this sentence because you are worthless to us. Your lack of participation in society is not inspiring to us. In the end, you lack experience. It’s a shame that you are clueless to how we can operate within the logical unfolding of our peaceful movement. Grow up! Get serious. Get some experience. Get a job (you are holding us back). Get a life.

Your process is silly. Your general assemblies are silly. You are being silly. Nothing of substance is ever decided and people are opening their eyes to this everyday around our camps. We know logical people will continue to rise up against your radical steering. We know your days are numbered. It’s already over for the anarchists in most cities and the few that are left holding the bag are getting fed up.
What’s most amusing about this is that we, as logical citizens, can feed them their own logic. We merely state that we are acting on our own free will and just do our own thing. Don’t buy into the manipulation, my logical brothers and sisters. No matter how endearing their manipulative leaders are… CINDY 😛 – btw you’re still welcome to join us if you can learn to zip it.
Break Break.
If you have any doubt about the claims written above, or if you doubt that networks like OPK are working click the link >>> SOLIDARITY
Some of them are in Philly tonight. They call themselves the “Radical Caucus” – we suggest “Tubular Delegation” – pretty radical, right?! no worries. it’s on the house.
OPK endorses their opposition on the violence issue: the Reasonable Solutions Committee – We wish you the best.
Here is another logical citizen talking about how “anarchy is stupid” (their words not ours)
They are falling