So You Can’t Afford a Lobbyist

I Can't Afford A Lobbyist

Excellent point. Neither can any of the 99%

The sign shown to the right connected with us. It wasn’t because we caught a glimpse of the ever-so-radical Jeff Rousette riding on the roof of an SUV. Nope, not at all. A contributor sent this photo our way before we, at opk, even began to comprehend what we were dealing with. It struck a nerve because, while we were all working our hearts out in the early stages at various occupations, it was a frequent subject over skype. What skills are we lacking? Just before the photo came in, it was decided that we need lobbyists.

The Occupy Philadelphia non-profit, Jobs with Justice, who is hiring organizers and taking donation checks for occupyphilly has an influential lobbyist at the top. So where are they? Why are they hiding? Aren’t they going to help us? Have they not realized this is the biggest thing to happen in a very long time? Why do we run out of water and beg regular people to make donations? It’s all very strange.

Relationship Chart - Alliance for Justice - Raben Group - Occupy Philadelphia

Relationship Chart - Alliance for Justice - Raben Group - Occupy Philadelphia

Jobs with Justice is a member of the Alliance for Justice. The group actually seems to support quite a few noble causes. Their director is Robert Raben. Mr. Raben is also former assistant attorney general at the U.S. Department of Justice, former council to the House Judiciary Committee, and former advisor to Barney Frank. He is also the president of the Raben Group.

The Raben Group is a top lobby firm and works for New York Private Bank and Trust, MasterCard, GE, Time Warner, Prudential, and others. They have lobbied in the past for Mircrosoft, McGraw-Hill, UBS, and others. We suppose they are just too busy raking in cash to lend their services occupy wall street. Furthermore, the people behind the scenes are not anti-corporation. They are involved with pushing corporate agendas. For those that don’t know, lobby firms are hired by corporations so they can influence lawmakers and change laws in ways that will benefit them. Cha-ching. Is this not the problem we are all trying to fight?

So we face a challenging question. Are our insider big dogs with us or not? They are collecting the 1%er money and we are down here sitting on pavement and revoting on issues like whether or not there should be a music festival? That doesn’t seem right. If they have a plan for all of this, why don’t they tell us, fill us in for the sake of transparency? It would be so uplifting for all of us to hear established and expert support.

Another theory is that we are all pushing their agendas. Volunteering for occupy may be a way for certain parties to cash in on the free labor of the unemployed, homeless, and kindhearted.  Maybe the inner circle and the facilitators are on the payroll, just nudging us along a predefined path. Maybe the occupiers are still slaves to the corporate and non-profit megaliths. Are they really this diabolical?

This Revolution will not be Privatized

Is a correction in order? This Revolution will not be HAS Been Privatized

Mostly every public figure and organization we have connected to occupy is also connected to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party. So the myth that Occupy is neither a left or right movement, but includes all of the 99%, is starting to look less than water tight. This topic will be examined in future transmissions.


By the way, included in the chart above there is one known Soros to Occupy connection. George Soros founded (as in created) a group called the Open Society Institute which recently funded (as in provided cash) the Alliance for Justice. There, now please stop emailing us Soros questions. He’s not THAT interesting. Thank you.



Provocateur Defined – Cindy Milstein

first google image result for "provocateur"

first google image result for "provocateur" and example of agent provocation.

A provocateur is someone who provokes trouble, causes dissent, or is an agitator. This is done through vandalism, violence, or through harassing the police and thereby instigating staged arrests.

The provocateur is a common role within any protest or demonstration. Sometimes this is a protester, or group acting on their own. In that case they may be ignorant, or may lack direction.  They may not understand how to play within the system and still get what they want. Provoking trouble is rarely successful toward helping a cause.

The second type of provocateur is not expecting success for the movement objectives, but rather they intend to draw attention through negative publicity. Very often, they mean to incite negative feelings toward the police, or other officials. When this type of provoking is in play, you can often identify the provocateur simply by noticing who points the finger.  We will illustrate this with the first example below.

The third type of provocateur is also called an “agent provocateur” which is hired by state-side authorities.  They are used to discredit a peaceful protest. They also give a seemingly valid reason for police to make arrests or end a demonstration.

Some information is still coming together specific to the Occupy Wall Street actions. For now though, it appears that both the second and third type are in play. They may actually be working together, or in some kind of pissing match.

The second type is most evident in Philadelphia. A city that has been more than tolerant of their people’s demonstrations and occupation. That factor honestly makes it easier to smell a rat. The police barely made an arrest until provocation was ratcheted up a notch or two.

Cindy Milstein

Cindy Milstein, a mouth breather among other things.

Enter Cindy Milstein. She is an anarchist activist and a board member of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Her Wikipedia page. Cindy has been staying on site at Occupy Philadelphia(closet part-timer) since day one. That considered, she must be from Philly, right? Nope. She’s a San Francisco resident. Odd that she would be in Philadelphia instead of staying close to home, no? That is unless there are larger agendas at work, and/or a paycheck.

She does seem to make a living by speaking at anarchist and socialist gatherings. Although it is still not clear how that is a career/job. Who writes the checks? Where’s the revenue stream? Baffling. Currently her role appears to be chief provocation expert as illustrated below in three examples.

1. Cindy had her cronies construct a fortress on the City Hall site (image below).  It is made of shipping pallets and tarps, and is situated against the western wall of the historic building. It has some message about Philadelphia homeless population spray painted on it, for effect one might assume. We all know she is not homeless.

The home of Cindy Milstein at Occupy Philadelphia.

The home of Cindy Milstein at Occupy Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia calls the structure a fire hazard, which it probably is, but the hired horde will spring to action with downward twinkle fingers and leverage the homeless if the subject is raised. No fire safety will be permitted by their general assembly in Philadelphia. We think that’s a shame. It discredits us as a movement. It’s also an extremely irresponsible form of provocation. Put people in danger, and then tell the city to sit and spin. Nice one!

. Cindy may not be directly responsible for this one, but judging by the cast of characters involved, it appears she may have been the play-write.  On 10/14 two individuals drove up to the occupy site in Philly. The passenger exited the vehicle and threw a can of pistachio colored paint on the building. He then ran back to the vehicle which then made a hasty exit. An eyewitness reported that these signs (images below) were made before the police arrived on the scene, only minutes later. Hmm. Those are either well-practiced speed artisans, or there was a provocateur in their midst. It’s also interesting that they, so willingly, posed for these pictures.

crime scene and the hurried colorists working group

Criminal vandalism and the Quick-Draw McObjectioners

. On the 22nd and 23rd of October 2011, there was a sit-in. It was in protest of police brutality. Something that hasn’t occurred in Philly for quite a while. Well, they needed something, their dot on this arrest map was non-existent. So they claimed it was in solidarity with other cities.  Ok, whatever.

The sit-in occurred on 8th Street in downtown Philadelphia. Standard traffic blocking formation. The actual sitters were mostly kids, ready and willing to get arrested for some friends, cigarettes, and cheap notoriety. They were mostly anarchists, misguided. Cindy was there as well, photographed during the early stages. It took hours for the police to decide it was time to round them up and allow traffic to flow. So where was Cindy Milstein when her followers were getting arrested? Why, creating media, of course! She sure loves her some internetz! Some just isn’t enough for Cindy. She wrote three articles about it!

  1. oct-24-anti-police-brutality-protesters-are-out-jail
  2. statement-occupiers-protesting-police-brutality
  3. anti-police-brutality-sit-roundhouse
Check her out on facebook, stop by the media tent in Philly, or knock on her tarp door if you want to say hello.  She also seems to frequent The Wooden Shoe. If you happen to email or see her, please ask what her motives are. If you manage to get a response, we would love to hear it.
It’s bad enough that we must worry about the authorities ‘setting us up the bomb’. To set a trap on us. It’s occurring all over the country and has been documented throughout the years. What’s worse are the above examples. Something absolutely reeks of a conspiracy involving the authorities and the inner-circle at OccupyPhilly. At a minimum, it points out how we cannot trust all of our fellow activists.

SEIU, Steven Lerner and Occupy

Service Employees International Union

To those of us in-the-know, it is clear that this whole Occupy movement was planned well in advance. There’s the Adbusters seed, calling for the movement. There is certain evidence of prior knowledge, like the craigslist ads. Also, several teams have been identified as early contributors in multiple cities. But how far back does it go? We are still digging and annoying sources for more info on this subject. However, we were able to find this. Some interesting words from an SEIU organizer, Steven Lerner. According to statements made (and allegedly made) by Steven, it seems they planned on starting this initiative as early as March 2011. A full six months prior to the first Occupy Wall Street occupation at Zuccotti Park. Beyond the early discussions we were a bit surprised to hear some of the language used. It’s not profanity or anything like that. Listen for yourself.

The Lerner Tapes:

This edited clip comes courtesy of a random youtuber. full lecture is posted here by SEIU


In this video Steven Lerner was unknowingly recorded (allegedly) in a meeting discussing the plans.


Some candid video of Mr. Lerner, apparently doing what he does best.


A Relationship Map of Steven Lerner

Steven Lerner Relationship Map

Steven Lerner - Immediate Network